Your data is collected by:

ESCP Business School: ÉTABLISSEMENT D'ENSEIGNEMENT SUPÉRIEUR CONSULAIRE (EESC), Consular non-proft Institution of Higher Education capitalized at8.694.000 euros, registered at trade company register of Paris under number 824 644 587, located at 3, rue Armand Moisant 75015 Paris.
Represented by Frank Bournois, as Executive President and Dean.

The personal data collected by ESCP Business School:

As part of its relationships with various groups of people, ESCP Business School collects information such as:

* In a general way:

  • - Title;
    - Name;
    - First name(s);
    - E-mail address;
    - Documentation requests;
    - Services requests;

* Four applicants,students,clients, and third-party payers :

  • - Postal address;
    - Phone number(s);
    - Resume (sudents and clients only);
    - Prior grades and degrees;
    - Socio-professional category;
    - Data relating to means of payment: postal or bank identity statement, check and/or credita card number, credit card expiry date;
    - Transaction data: transaction number,service subscription detail;
    - History of the contractual relationship.
    - Student´s photos.

* For graduates:

  • - Degress awarded;
    - Grades obtained.

* For companies,partners,and subcontractors:

  • - Name;
    - Legal status;
    - Share capital;
    - Head Office Address;
    - Staff;
    - Data relating to means of payment: postal or bank identity statement, check and/or credit card number, credit card expiry date;
    - Transaction data: transaction number, service subscription detail;
    - Hystory of the contractual relationship

* For corporate representatives, partners and subcontractors :

  • - Title;
    - Name;
    - First name(s);
    - E-mail address;
    - Company;
    - Function/Job;
    - Phone number;

Purposes of processing personal data :

* Business development management :

  • - Fulfilment of marketing operations based on the consent of the person concerned ;
    - Fulfilment of processing operations related to client relationship management and in particular those relating to technical prospecting operations (including technical operations such as normalization, standardization, improvement and deduplication) ;
    - Selections of people to carry out operations such as prospection, loyalty, researches;
    - Production statistics (trade...) ;
    - Handover, rental or exchange of its client or prospect files to the various ESCP Business School campuses or to all commercial and academic partners;
    - Management of request for access, rectificacion and opposition rights ;

* Contractual relationship management:

  • - Creation of an account on ESCP Business School`s digital tools ;
    - Acquisition of services ;
    - Application and Admission management;
    - Student enrolment and education management;
    - Communications management and exchanges follow-up;
    - Preparation and dissemination of student directories;
    - Billing;
    - Contractual relationship follow-up;
    - Outstandings and disputes management ;
    - Management of consents and authorization concerning the use of data ;
    - Sending of newletters and commercial solicitations especially through electronic means ;
    - Transmission to partners and subcontractors taking parat in the education;
    - Compliance with applicable legal and required obligations, and especially with transmission data request by public authoritiex and administrations ;
    - Transmission to the Alumni Association and the ESCP Business School Foundation;
    - Transmission to partners in charge of processing and awarding degrees;
    - Transmission of data companies and especially the resume;
    - Management to avoid fraud risks;

Data collection:

The data is collected by ESCP Business School during the following operations and processes:

  • - When navigating via an ESCP Business School Business School websites or a landing page;
    - When creating an account or a personal space on a ESCP Business School Business School Websites;
    - When an information request is made;
    - When documentation is requested or downloaded (flyer,information leaflet...);
    - When ordering products or services;
    - When registering using any ESCP Business School Business Shool form;
    - During a marketing campaign.

ESCP Business School may collect data directly or indirectly.

ESCP Business School may also obtain data form a third party or from a partner. In this case, ESCP Business School only receives data form entities complying with GDPR and whose data subjets have consented to the transmission, processing and use of data by ESCP Business School

Data transmission and/or destination

Data may be transmitted especially:

  • - To all ESCP Business School campuses, entities subjected to the GDRP provisiiones and which apply the same operating methods and data processing as ESCP Business School;
    - To academic partners within or outside the European Economic Area who are involved in the education of people concerned by data processing;
    - To its educational or technical subcontractors who have access to the personal information req uired for the performance of their services and who are not authorised to use them for other purposes. I n addition, they are req uired to treat such personal information in accordance with applicable personal data protection policy (GDPR);
    - To any third party if such transmission is essencial in the context of the contractual relationship;
    - To administrations and/or public authorities in accordance with the legal and req uired obligations;

If data is transmitted outside the European Economic Area. ESCP Business School shall ensure that the processing of such data is carried out in accordance with the applicable personal data protection policy (GDPR).

Data retention periods :

ESCP Business School keeps personal data for the time necessary to achieve the purposes specified above, as well as to comply with its legal and required obligations.

For information purposes only :

 Retention period of personal data
 Registration files (personal information, copy of degree, titles and works...) of the student
 8 years from registration
 Grades, degrees, and results obtained
 50 years after the test of graduation
 Documents produced by the students, internship reports, and proof copies
 1 year from tests
 Student´s thesis
5 years
 Data concerning a third-party payer
 3 years from the last payment made
 Identity document transmitted as part of the right of access, modification and deletion
 1 year from the receipt
 Data concerning an applicant not becoming a student of ESCP Business School
 3 ans à compter de la date de communication de la donnée
 Data concerning a prospect
 3 years from the data communication

Data hosting:

The different categories of data collected and processed by ESCP Business School are hosted in the European Union.

If these data were to be hosted outside the European Union, ESCP Business School would take all necessary measures to ensure the security of data tranasmitted.

Data protection / Security:

ESCP Business School protects personal data, using secured digital tools.

ESCP Business School and its subcontractors comply with the security standards, especially when processing credit card payments.

ESCP Business School implements electronics security measures and procedures to ensure security risk concerning the collection, storage, retention and transmission of personal data.

Access, modification and deletion rights:

In accordance with the law of the 6th of January 1978 related to data processing, files and liberties, people have a right to access, modify, oppose and delete their personal data by writing to the following address:

  • - By post: SERVICE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER - ESCP Business School, 3, rue Armand Moisant 75015 Paris ;
    - By e-mail:;

This request must be signed and accompanied by photocopy of an identify card bearing the signature of the holder and specify the address to which the response must be sent. A response will then be sent to the applicant within 2 months of receiving the request.

* Important information:
  • - It is specified that the data req uired for the education must be kept. If the student exercises his/her right to delete data concerning himself /herself before the end of his/her education, he/she will be alerted by the ESCP Business School's services. If the student confirms his/her wish concerning this deletion, he/she will be deemed to have purely and simply renounced his/her education and will be considered to have resigned.
    - It is specified that the data needed to finance schooling must be kept. If the student or the third-party payer exercises his/her right to delete data concerning himself /herself before the end of his/her education or before the end of the financing of his/her education, the student or the third-party payer will be alerted by the ESCP Business School's services. If he/she confirms his/her wish concerning this deletion, all amount still due will become immediately payable, despite any staggered payment agreement. Fail ure to pay will result in suspension of schooling.

Finally, each person concerned by the processing of his/her data has a right to the portability of the data he/she has transmitted.

This right applies under the same conditions as the right of access and rectification..


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